What is CBD?

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What is CBD?

Five Exciting Facts to CBD

You want to know if CBD gets you high, is legal and where do you get it in Austria? All this and more about the fantastic, groovy and ingenious Cannabidiol you will discover here J CBD (Cannabidiol) didn’t only increase discussions about medical properties of cannabis but also its research. And with good cause! Here are the 5 exciting facts to CBD you just HAVE to know!


CBD belongs to the class of cannabinoids and is one of over 60 chemical compounds of the cannabis plant. The hemp plant contains THC and CBD in highest concentration and therefore are the most researched. But the concentration of CBD and THC are anti-proportional with each other. Cannabis that is cultivated for – lets call it – recreational purpose, contains often more THC than CBD. Selective cultivation technics make it possible now to cultivate species with high CBD content and less or no THC. These hemp plants are still rare, but their popularity is in the increase – tendency up!

CBD is not psyco ACTIV

Even if many may not believe it: CBD different to THC does not make high as it is only a very weak psycho active cannabinoid. Research* shows that CBD is “agreeable and save” and has almost no side effects. A high CBD- content should sedate, a low content is stimulating.

CBD reduces side effects

As paradox as it sounds: CBD can reduce or regulate the effect of THC. As the excessive consume of THC can cause memory problems and paranoia, CBD can reduce this danger. CBD also is able to reduce the sleep inducing effect of THC, which explains that some cannabis cultures increase alertness.

Versatile effects

The interest in CBD as medical ingredient is permanently growing and the studies so far convince. Recently a pharma concern in the UK developed a pharmaceutical version of CBD. The company GW Pharmaceuticals is preparing a clinical study into the research of CBD as treatment of schizophrenia and certain kinds of epilepsy. A team of researchers at California Pacific Medical Center, headed by Dr. Sean McAllister, is researching right now the use of CBD in breast cancer therapy. According to a study of the british Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, CBD seems to have following medical properties: anti-emetic, anti-convulsiv, antipsychotic, anti-inflammatory, anti- oxidative, anti-tumour, anti-cancer, anti-depressiv. CBD could have positive effect with: sickness and vomiting, cramping, psychotic episodes, inflammations, neuro-degenerative ailments, tumours and cancer cells, states of anxiety and depressions. Attention: not enough studies about the correct dosage and possible effects on the health by administering CBD are available yet. Added that CBD products contain THC in varied parts, which has to be taken in consideration as eventual health hazard!


Even here the trend of cannabinoid products can’t be stopped. In Austria CBD is sold in the form of dietary supplement or functional food. The products are classified by decree (EG) Nr. 258/97 of the European Parlament and Senat from 27.1.97 as so called “new food” as new the food is classified if there is a history of safe consumption before the 15. May 1997 in the EU. This is the requirement to trade new foods! (http://www.ages.at/service/sie-fragen-wir-antworten/hanf/).

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