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CBD Pastes

CBD Paste is in general terms a product predominately  made from the hemp plant. cannabidiol paste is in its raw form a viscious, mostly dark green mass. Compared to other products the CBD paste has the highest CBD percentage. It could be classified as an intermediate stage of CBD oils and CBD crystals as CBD paste is CBD oil in highly concentrated form. Or differently put, it is CBD crystals solved in a small amount of vegetable oil.

The production of CBD paste is done by „ supercritical CO2-extraction”. The advantage of this process is that no chemicals have to be used and that the end product is organic and herbal and all valuable contents of the hemp plant are left intact. That means that the sour form of CBD (CBDa) is included in CBD Paste, which is said to have many more applications. CBD paste is viscious and is sold in plastic syringes. Which makes the dosage of this effective CBD product much easier. The CBD paste is take orally.

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